Dance America
Competitions, Personal Dance Performances, Dances by individuals,
couples, teams, or "flash mob" dances, group/private dance lessons
(with the permission of the instructor(s)) and Showcase Events held in
the local Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD area.

For Most Dance Events, DAV enters into an agreement with the event
director(s) and/or individual(s) who want us to provide either:  

1) raw video coverage of the event (or specific parts of the event)
individual performances, or

2) finished (edited, indexed, menued (with transitions and titles) and
labeled)  DVDs/Videos advertised for sale at the dance event and/or
online at the DAV website or for individuals who have contracted for
the Video/DVD "service" in advance.

We provide videos in formats other than on DVDs.  DAV can provide
videos in avi or in mpg file formats that can be copied to ("burned") to
a DVD and wmv files that may be attached to emails or uploaded to
the Internet on YouTube or Facebook.

We convert VHS (tape) video cassettes to DVDs.  Depending on the
amount of recorded material on the VHS tapes, DAV can combine
several VHS tapes on to one DVD.   DAV can compile and edit the
converted cassette tape material into an indexed/labeled DVD  "movie"
(mpeg  format) that will play on both a computer and DVD player.

DAV is now an Associate.  That means this website will
have from time-to-time a variety of links that offer dance
related products/services that visitors to the DAV website may find
interesting and want to research or purchase on  

By clicking on an link in this website you have immediate
and direct access to the wide range of dance and dance related items
such as dance music, shoes, clothes, instructional videos, video
camcorders, cameras, and dance lessons offered through

In addition you may search for any non dance item that is
sold/offered  on by simply clicking on any link found on the DAV website.
For Example, Type in the keyword "dance"
in the link box above, and then click "Go".