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Beverly & Michael Smith
At The Promenade
March 23, 2012
Beverly & Michael Smith
At The Promenade
March 25, 2010
Beverly & Peter Tam
At The Promenade
March 26, 2010
MDC 2011 Higlights
March 25-27, 2011
YuYu Sugawara &
Sam Arvidson ProPro
MDC March 26,2011
Latin Formation Team
At The Promenade
March 24, 2012
Kevin Fischer & Ann Basso
At The Promenade
March 24, 2012
SalsaNow Team At
The Promenade
March 23, 2012
Just Hustle DC Team
MDC March 30, 2012
Camilla Ng
Argentina 5/19/2012
Donna Hennessy
DA2012 6/8&9/2012
Victoria Bakhima
Argentina 5/19/2012
Donna Hennessy
DA2012 6/8&9/2012
Brian Gallagher
DA2012 6/8/2012
Brian Gallagher
DA2012 6/9/2012
Karen Capra
DA2012 6/8&9/2012
Jack Ciecka at Disco
America 2012
June 8 & 9, 2012
Lisa Almeida at
Disco America 2012
June 8 & 9, 2012
Debbie Lynn Tuttle
at MADjam 2013
March 1, 2013
Debbie Lynn Tuttle
at MADjam 2013
March 2, 2013
Personal Performance Order Form
In addition to Event Video/DVD sets, we also offer Personal Performance/Memory Videos/DVDs/.wmv/mpg
files of just YOUR dance/performance(s) in Showcase events and in
some competitions in other events that we
may Video and edit.  
DAV can also put your Performance on YouTube!

The cost of your Personal Performance Video/DVD is $35 for the first dance $25 for the next 2 dances, and $20
for each additional dance
in a single event.  The DVD will be labeled with a photo of you taken during your
performance(s).  If you request a video of more than one Personal Performance at the same event
click here

Promenade Spring/Fall Event Showcase Personal Performance orders will be delivered to The Promenade
unless special mailing/delivery arrangements are made at the time of the order.  There is a $8.00 Shipping &
Handling charge for Event and Personal Performance DVD orders received 2 weeks or more after The
Promenade's latest event date(s) and the cost of a Promenade event DVD is $35.

The cost for a ".wmv file" of a Personal Performance is $35...if that is all you want....However, if you order a
Personal Performance DVD PLUS a .wmv file of the performance, the cost of the .wmv file would be just $25ea
for the next 2 performances and $20 for each additional performance.  Personal Performance .wmv files will be
delivered via email.  There are no Shipping & Handling charges for .wmv file purchases.  There is a $15 charge to
place your .mpg/.wmv./.AVI files of your Performance on YouTube.

Please Note:  A .wmv (Windows Media Video) file of your performance is small enough to send as an email
attachment...and can also be uploaded to YouTube.  However, because of its small/compressed size, the .wmv file
does not have the quality of a Personal Performance DVD or an mpeg2 (.mpg) file.
Beverly & Michael Smith
Sue Wyche &
Froilan Mate
Lisa Fay &
Barry Durand
Linda & Mal Zerden
Tracy Gauthier &
Easterns J&J Leader
Connie Yesh &
Eddie Gooden
Just Hustle DC
Dance Team
Jennifer Sarajian-Stone
& Kenny Roesel
Joyce Szili's 14th
Hustle Anniversary
Vittoria & Guillermo
At Disco America 2010
Diane Quigley's
Birthday Memory
October 22, 2010
The Twin's 1st
May 15, 2011
OHS Class Of 57's-50th Reunion
Held in Odessa, TX  
Event $40
OHS Class Of 57's-57th Reunion
Held at Horseshoe Bay Resort, TX
Event $40
OHS Class Of 57's-60th Reunion
Held in Odessa, TX  
Event $40