Dance America Videos
Welcome to Dance America Videos!
Hi, and Welcome to Dance America Videos (DAV)!

DAV videos ("shoots") dance events/occasions/private lessons primarily
in the Washington/Baltimore area...

DAV edits the "raw" video clips it shoots and produces a finished, labeled,
DVD.  The DVD plays in standard definition DVD players.  A list of dance
events and related DVDs are shown in
Event Videos.

DAV can also shoot the "raw" video of an event and provide it to someone
else for editing and finalizing.

DAV offers Personal Performance/Memory videos in Showcase and
competition events.  (See
Performance Order.)

You may order/purchase DAV videos at the dance event or online at this
website...You may also print an order form online, and mail it with your
check/money order to:

    Dance America Videos
    Attn:  Ralph Johnson
    416 James Court
    Falls Church, VA 22046

In addition to shooting dance events and personal performances, DAV
also can
convert your VHS tape videos to DVDs and put several VHS
cassettes (depending on the length of the tapes in each cassette) on to a
single indexed and labeled DVD.  
Click Here for more information.

Dance America Videos (DAV) is a video company that fills a
niche in the Washington/Baltimore area Dance Community by providing
Dance Videos to dancers, their friends, and family who may want:

1) to improve their dancing skills, styling, technique, posture, and
patterns...See the difference between what looks "OK" and what
looks "Better"...

2) to see how they ACTUALLY look when they dance...not just how
they THINK they look...and how they compare to other dancers at
dance event competitions as well as "social" dance settings...

3) to see how their dancing has IMPROVED...and how the
patterns/moves look better than they did just last week/month...

4) to Remember what they "learned", were taught, saw, were told
in that workshop, the dance event, or during that "group or private
lesson" (video with permission of instructor)...And, ultimately, to
INCREASE their repertoire of dance patterns and styling...

5) to USE their newly acquired dance skills, techniques, patterns,
styling at appropriate dance venues and occasions so that their
repertoire of dance patterns is expanded in a Practical sense and
presented for the enjoyment of their dance partners and for all those
who watch them dance...

6) to develop Greater Dance Knowledge and the Confidence that
comes from that knowledge!

And finally....

7) to have a permanent "Dance Memory" of some Great times you
have had on the dance floor at One-of-a-kind dance show
your Mom,  Dad, and even your kids and grand kids what you enjoy

8) to provide an easy access to purchasing dance related and non-
dance related items through this website by clicking on any link.  DAV is a former Amazon Associate.  
     (See Services Page.)