Welcome to Dance America Videos!

Hi, and Welcome to Dance America Videos (DAV)!

DAV videos ("shoots") dance events/all occasions with
dancing/private lessons/group lessons/dance parties
primarily in the Washington/Baltimore area...

To find a video/DVD of a recent event that you
attended or would like to purchase online, just
click on the
Event Videos button at left.

To find a personal performance video/DVD that
you had made of your performance/competition,
just click on the
Performance Order button at left.

DAV edits the "raw" video clips it shoots and produces a
finished, labeled, DVD (Movie).  
DAV can also create avi,
wmv, and mpg files and put Performances on YouTube.
list of dance events and related DVDs are shown in

DAV can also shoot the "raw" video of an event and provide
it to someone else for editing, finalizing, and shipping.

DAV offers Personal Performance/Memory videos for all
dance occasions, Showcase, and competition events.  (See
Performance Order.)

You may order/purchase DAV movie videos at the dance
event or online at this website...You may also print an order
form online, complete the form, and mail it with your
check/money order to:

    Dance America Videos
    Attn:  Ralph Johnson
    416 James Court
    Falls Church, VA 22046

In addition to shooting dance events and personal
performances, DAV also can
convert your VHS tape videos to
and put several VHS cassettes (depending on the
length of the videos) on to a single indexed and labeled DVD.
Click Here for more information.
Dance America Videos
In addition to dance or music related items, you may also
search Amazon.com for any non-dance item that is
sold/offered  by Amazon.com by simply clicking on any
Amazon.com link found on the DAV website.
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WCS Sophisticated
J & J Finals
Tracy, Loraine, &
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WCS Novice
J & J Prelims
(Heat 1)
Featuring: Noelle
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WCS Newcomer
J & J Prelims
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Featuring: Ariela,
Jackie, & Carol
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WCS Newcomer
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MADjam2012 Hustle
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Promotional Videos
To complete your online Request/Purchase of a
Promenade Spring 2017 Showcase Event DVD
(March 18, 2017)               OR a
Personal Performance/Competition Video/DVD,
Click here
MDC 2013 J&J
Newcomer& Novice WCS
Prelims & Finals -
StayCams 1&2
Click Here to view 3 min
preview of DVD